• Samurai and Ninja experiences, etc. A cool museum has opened in Asakusa!

Samurai and Ninja experiences, etc. A cool museum has opened in Asakusa!


samurai and ninja experiences
Photo: Quoted from press release

Hello everyone. It’s Miyanaga from GP!

I have news about the explosive opening of an experiential museum in Asakusa, specializing in the samurai and ninja that have enraptured the world. Introducing the “SAMURAI NINJA MUSEUM TOKYO With Experience” that captivates tourists!

Experiential Museum Specialized in Samurai and Ninja

samurai ninja museum
Photo: Quoted from the official website of SAMURAI NINJA MUSEUM KYOTO With Experience

The “SAMURAI NINJA MUSEUM TOKYO With Experience”—which had its grand opening on December 6th last year in Asakusa—is, true to its name, an experiential museum specializing in samurai and ninja.

The facility consists of four floors, offering various experiences such as exhibitions of antiques related to samurai and ninja, sword cutting practice, and ninja training sessions…

While it’s important to earnestly study culture, learning from a perspective geared towards entertainment is memorable, and enjoyable! This facility, packed with appreciable points, might also provide inspiration for event production.

What are the features of “SAMURAI NINJA MUSEUM TOKYO With Experience”?

Now then, let’s see what experiences are offered at this museum. Here’s an introduction to what they include:

① Experiential Museum

The highlight of the museum. Visitors can experience various authentic activities related to samurai and ninja, which includes throwing shuriken,wearing armor, forging swords, and ninja practice.

② Viewing Antiques

Of course, besides the various activities, you can also learn about the history of samurai and ninja. Here, real swords and armor from the Edo period are displayed, which you can view up close.

③ English-speaking Tour Guides

english tour
Photo: Taken from press release

Since many visitors are foreigners, English-speaking guided tours are available. Tours are held every hour, allowing a deeper, more professional enjoyment of the exhibits.

④ Enhancing the Samurai and Ninja Experience with a Bonus

samurai ninja museum
Photo: Quoted from the official website of SAMURAI NINJA MUSEUM KYOTO With Experience

While basic tickets allow you to experience both samurai and ninja activities like wearing armor and throwing shuriken, special plans are also available for those seeking more authentic experiences, such as ninja training in ninja attire. It can be transformed into an entertainment-packed experience, becoming a memory to cherish for a lifetime.

⑤ Samurai and Ninja in Pop Culture

samurai ninja pop culture
Photo: Taken from press release

Many foreigners become interested in this kind of culture through the samurai and ninja presented in movies and manga, and this museum offers a chance to transform into their representations as depicted in manga and anime.

⑥ Real Swords/Gift Shop

Photo: Quoted from the official website of SAMURAI NINJA MUSEUM KYOTO With Experience

Inside, there are real swords and souvenirs for enthusiasts at the gift shop. It’s an appreciative arrangement for foreigners (and even Japanese) who would be overjoyed to find real swords for purchase.

Going through the experiences of samurai and ninja at a tourist hotspot in the very center of Asakusa

As the world emerges from the pandemic into a global travel boom, Japan remains a premier destination. While it has always been a well-liked travel destination, the recent surge in popularity goes without saying.

Anime and good food are certainly enjoyable highlights, but samurai and ninja are among Japan’s most popular traditional aspects. The “SAMURAI NINJA MUSEUM TOKYO With Experience,” which offers experiences related to these historical contents, is already a hot topic among tourists.

Moreover, the location of this facility is excellent, being a 3-minute walk from Senso-ji Temple in Asakusa and in close proximity to the Tokyo Skytree. There is also a combo ticket with KIMONO TEA CEREMONY MAIKOYA (also in Asakusa), so choosing this allows you to enjoy a kimono-wearing tea ceremony, followed by samurai and ninja escapades—a full course of enjoyment.

This new entertainment spot in Asakusa is recommended for guests from overseas and those seeking the kind of entertainment that embodies Japanese culture. When next visiting Asakusa, how about taking a look at this new entertainment spot? Well then, until next time.