• Start “Director’s TV”: a Youtube channel where you can learn about online event planning know-how!

Start “Director’s TV”: a Youtube channel where you can learn about online event planning know-how!


Hi everyone, this is Miyanaga.

Recently, video seminars and the provision of know-how through videos have been in full bloom. With the impact of the coronavirus, the video industry has been evolving and gaining a lot of attention.

Isn’t this a great opportunity for GP to do something about it? That’s why we’ve launched a new Youtube channel for event planners, “Director’s TV”!

Director’s TV channel is here.

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What is Director’s TV?

Director’s TV (a.k.a. DTV) is a YouTube channel for event planners that delivers the event-planning know-how that GP has cultivated over the years.

  • Kawamoto’s secret planning know-how from an event planning expert
  • Event management in the age of coronaviruses with
  • Where do I turn to ‘where’ for live streaming?
  • Which live streaming tool is right for you? etc…

We publish the above and other information that every event planner should see and know.

We have a lot of know-how here on the GP BLOG, but Director’s TV goes one step further in detail from the BLOG article.
Moreover, all of our videos are subtitled, so you can watch them even when you can’t use sound, for example, on the train.

What are the ‘highlights’ of Director’s TV?

Director’s TV has a variety of highlights for event planners!

  • Highlight 1: You can learn the latest event know-how just by watching!

Because it is a specialized field, there has not been a lot of information available for the “event organizers”.

Director’s TV will open up a new angle on this trend.
For this reason, we have crammed our know-how into each and every one of them to the extent that they can be used as mini seminars and lectures for event planners.
The videos are filled with not only subtitles but also easy-to-understand graphics.
It is also useful for sharing knowledge among those in charge.

  • Highlight 2: You can hear the voice of an active event producer!

Featured on Director’s TV are GP’s current event producers. All of them are experienced event professionals who are on the front lines of the industry.

Director’s TV is the place where you can listen to the “know-how spoken directly by event professionals”.
Even if they work for the same company, each producer has his or her own specialty and is able to see things from his or her own perspective.

There is no right answer to event production. The purpose of the event, the needs of the customer, the budget, the scale of the event, and so on… The methodology to create the best that goes beyond the best in various conditions is different for each individual. That’s why Director’s TV has chosen to feature seven producers to provide you with their expertise from a variety of perspectives. By listening to these producers, you will learn how to find the best of the best!

  • Highlight 3: A playlist of the coolest productions from around the world!

Director’s TV has more than just interviews with GP members. We have also prepared a playlist section with a collection of cool staging videos from around the world to help you as an event planner.


As a planner, you should be very particular about the direction of your event, as it directly affects the satisfaction of your participants. Let our collection of staging choices inspire you!

What exactly can you watch in it?

Even so, if you don’t know what it’s all about, you can’t decide whether or not to look at it.

Now is the time for everyone to share their knowledge and create something better than the stormy waves of the times.
Please watch “Director’s TV”, a Youtube program where you can get GP’s event know-how!

We will be updating this video as needed.
Director’s TV, channel registration and high ratings, thank you! (^^)

Director’s TV channel is here.