The GP office just got even cleaner!


Hello, I’m Kurosu!

In these times, we can’t even visit our clients, so our days of online meetings continue.

A new member of the team said to me, ‘The atmosphere is gloomy because of the corona, the weather hasn’t been good recently, and it’s kind of stuffy.

“Event manager = can do everything” is the GP way.

In our training, we learned that one of the requirements for being an event manager was that you had to be able to do everything.
Then we thought about it. What could we do in a coronavirus situation?
And we thought, “Yes! Let’s paint it!

  • Paint the outside of the GP office!
グローバルプロデュース オフィス

We prepared the necessary equipment in the morning.
Even though I’m an amateur painter, I made sure I had a good idea of the setup while watching the weather forecast. We tried to execute it while simulating the event, but…

  • The result was a huge struggle!
グローバルプロデュース テラス

Paint dripped all over the floor… and we had to cover the walls with plastic sheets because of the unplanned rain, and we were struggling to keep up with the rain.

グローバルプロデュース テラス ペンキ塗り替え
グローバルプロデュース 山本菜月
グローバルプロデュース 黒須達也

The customers who came to our office complimented us on the gradual improvement of the walls, which was very motivating!

So we just went to go about our days, got some paint on, and…

  • It’s back to a very clean, beautiful exterior!

It’s so important to clean up regularly like this!

We’re ready to welcome our visitors to our company with open arms.
We know it’s not easy in these times, but please feel free to stop by and say hello!