• Harajuku Omotesando Genki Festival Super Yosakoi

Harajuku Omotesando Genki Festival Super Yosakoi


“Harajuku Omotesando Genki Festival Super Yosakoi” held every year at Tokyo Harajuku Omotesando
I tried to infiltrate!
Setsu will send you a report from the site of GP.

It is “Super Yosakoi” that has been established as a summer feature of Harajuku Omotesando,
This year is the 18th event.
With the largest number of 108 teams and 6,300 people (including from overseas),
For the last two days of August, Saturday and Sunday,
it took places at venues such as Meiji Jingu, Shibuya, Yoyogi Park and Omotesando in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo.

Along with that, it is held to the product exhibition, the PR booth and the Gyoza fair.

For the purpose of solidarity and reconstruction of Harajuku area shopping street,
as a major event seen in Tokyo, the hometown Kochi Yosakoi Festival,
the number of spectators has already reached about 1 million in 2005, the fifth year of the event.

Recently, the opportunity to appear in the media has increased, and it has been recognized overseas as a representative of Japan, and it is said that many foreign tourists are addicted to the attraction of Yosakoi.

In fact, “Super Yosakoi” in 2013 has already been included in the China People’s Net News, and it is possible to ride on the Japan Tourism Guidebook.

So we GP staff, who are sensitive to event and trends, went to experience on the spot.

On Saturday, August 25, in the daytime high temperature went up to 36.0℃, we went to the main stage at “Harajuku exit Stage”!

As an information booth, the guidebook of the day and the fan are distributed to the participants free of charge.

The performance has already begun at the “Harajuku exit Stage”!

I firmly set up lighting and MC!

A tremendous number of supporting company logos were shown behind Yosakoi dancers.

The administration staff organizes the team that will appear next.
You have to keep a smooth flow to complete the best event.

The powerful performance is about to forget the heat, and the eyes of the audience are nailed on the stage!

I am the filming staff of the recording, but I have to stay on this high made camera stand in this hot day for a whole day.
As an eventer, I glance at the back of me …
filming staff, please do your best!

And there are various stalls and PR booths along the way to Meiji Jingu.

The activation of the city and the activation of the economy are always connected.
Actually speaking face-to-face is the most reliable means of communication in the current Internet age. That’s what I think.
I think that it is also the role of our event producers to create that environment.

I got my camera and headed to the next performance point.

Infront of NHK street.
About 80 teams will show their performance here from 10 am to 16 pm.

Running at the top of each team is an acoustic car that leads the team, saying “JIKATASHA”.
Then, you can put a large advertisement on the car body and become an advertising medium for traveling around Omotesando or Yoyogi Park during the festival.

If you’re waving a flag behind the team, you’re back!!

Not only the Japanese team but also foreign teams danced happily.
They cheered me up!!

I shuttered camera even though I could not miss watching.

The six-hour dance parade must be in order and time controlled.
Super Yosakoi’s staff are working well!

Drinks from sponsoring companies are also distributed to dancers.
The organizer seems to think about the physical condition of each participant.
Everyone in the management staff, while in the hot temperature, please do your best!

I moved to the Yoyogi Park stage nearing at 4pm.

And next to the main stall area is a dumpling festival.
Each well-known store has stalls and towers to provide its guests with the best possible food with confidence.
“Please come to the store again if you thought the food was GREAT!”

The management staff also picked up garbage seriously.
I thought that in order to organize a good event comes up from careful attention to details!

A meaningful day is over, and the fragrant smell of the stalls, I bought a Shoronpo and a beer, and walked home.
While thinking of the cool evening breeze, I thought involuntarily.

Yosakoi can be integrated with the culture of each region only if you have free choreography and music.
Beyond the language barrier, you can experience Yosakoi fun not only in Japan but also overseas.
In fact, according to a survey of the Project Support Committee for 2020 Yosakoi
Various Yosakoi teams have been formed overseas, and they continue to show off Yosakoi’s fascination in their own country.
Yosakoi will be at the forefront of Japan’s traditional culture, certainly a bridge between Japan and overseas.

※Yosakoi London 「TEMUZU」https://www.yosakoilondon.co.uk/

As a member of the GP,I thought once more that I would like to be an evangelist reaching all over the world, not just Japan!