The role of the homepage in the company


Hello. My name is Masayo Miyanaga, who is in charge of web strategy and PR.
We completed a major renewal of the web at the end of last year.

“Providing useful information to people around the world”
“Inspiring event organizers who are in trouble”

If we can make such a homepage…! So, this project started!

Difficulties in sustaining venture companies

SMEs that make products and services that are far more cost-effective than major peers,

Companies that offer a much better service than their peers …

Many such companies are going out of business in a few years … why?

It is because good products and services are not known in the world.

According to National Tax Agency statistics, the survival rate of venture companies

15.0% after 5 years, 6.3% after 10 years. After 20 years, 0.3% …!

That’s a tough number.

(As an aside, the white papers listed below are 82.0% in 5 years, 70.0% in 10 years, and 53.0% in 20 years.

I knew for the first time that there was a great discrepancy with the NTA numbers …

Source: 中小企業白書

How important is it to be known to the world in SMEs.

The well-known 4P strategy, which is one of the marketing strategy planning and execution processes.

“What products will be sent to the market at what price and what route?”

“How to deliver information to the target audience”





Just great products and better cost performance than anywhere else

Now the survival of the company is no longer true.

What is important is “How to deliver information to the target audience”

A website is an essential part of every company.

However, it does not mean that you only need to create a website.

“Contents is king, distribution is queen”

There is the word “Contents is king, distribution is queen”.

Great content doesn’t make sense unless it reaches the target.

In order for the homepage in a company to maximize its value,

“Message (content) you want to deliver” to your “target”

We believe that “distribution design” will be vital.

Rather than aiming to create good content

Content design based on target trends and delivery in advance

It means that a very important era has come.

★ Summary ★

The role of the homepage in the company is “contribution to business (sales increase, branding)”

Important POINT① Create high-quality content

Creating cool and easy to communicate content

(Text, visual, and infographics with a change of order)

Important POINT ② Consider distribution design (SEO / SNS / Ads) and ① together

Content distribution design in line with a customer journey

(Fan layer formation and engagement enhanced)

Source: impress

POINTs conscious of this GP WEB renewal

①Overall design

The renewal theme from Hikarihata this time is “Renewal at the end of December.

The design is “overwhelmingly impactful / overwhelmingly smart / overwhelmingly fashionable”! more than!

Hmm…? ! Mumumu … I was very worried. .

And I visited more than 100 sites in Japan and abroad and read and studied many articles.

The overall design, motion trends, high readability, and practicality …

I finally got to the current site in 4 months of distress.


PORTFOLIO is “many inflows and inquiries from search engines” = “there is a need in the world”

So …

With this renewal, the content has been increased from 23 to 46 (about twice!)

It has been reborn as a site that can be browsed by category, plus good searchability!

Click here for the link


This is the most popular content from the beginning.

In this renewal, we changed the way of showing from “vertically long” to “landscape”

Improved readability and impact.

Click here for the link

I would like to introduce other pages

If there is no sharpness, please look at various things and let us know what you think ^^

Next challenge …

An inbound site that you can fly from the “En” mark on the upper right of our website.

Since the number of inflows is very small now, I would like to do my best to achieve 500 times (?!)

We will let you know when we renew!

The current site continues to improve,

I would like to nurture the corporate website as the best salesman in the company.