• Tips for making highly effective events. 3 “With a source of ideas”

Tips for making highly effective events. 3 “With a source of ideas”


Basic skills in event production

“With a source of ideas” skills

(Develop theories that generate ideas)

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We can the basic structure of the event by thinking about
Specify the purpose and goal, “Set 5W2H”.
Let’s think about concrete ideas soon!
I would like to say that, but it is still early.
How is the idea born?
An idea leaped into your mind? Sensibility?



In order to generate ideas, it is necessary to have a source of ideas.

Five Keywords sourcing ideas


1. Amount and quality of input

It is a whistle of our company representative saying “No ideas are born without input.”
There is hardly anything I do not know if you search out on WEB in the current era.
Books can also be purchased without going to the bookstore.
The development of SNS has made it easier to ask people.
By making an overwhelming amount of input, it is possible to make a better input, with the ability to select and discard.

2. Gathering public wisdom

It is familiar information that tends to be overlooked unexpectedly.
With the development of Cloud Services, it has become easier to store and share internal information.
Many tips for ideas are sleeping on peer information, past performance, past material, and more.

3. Know the hit of the “Shape”

Recently, “Terrace House” was popular when it was considered by amateur love variety.
As we go back in time, there are features by age, amateur love TV program has made great repeated hit such as “Ainori”, “Future Diary”, and “Neruton Beni-Kujiradan”.
What can be said from this also is that there are always similar ideas and no 100% new ones.
If you look at the past, you should find something similar in the plan you are thinking of now!

4. Combine

Innovation is the ability to combine, and is the ability to connect.
For example, neither “iPhone” nor “iPad” nor “iTunes” invented individual technologies by Jobs or Apple.
Combine existing technologies,
the connection power that has been tailored to products and services that resonate with consumers is
the strength of Jobs’s innovation.
Any kind of creativity is something that has been “previously present” plus “newness” and “added value” according to the times.

5. Image search in English on Google

After all there? You may think that, but having the above idea thinking will also improve your search skills.
Recommendation is image search in English in Google. It is easy to find the information which you are looking for by looking in the image for something close to the image of the idea you are trying out to find.
And if you search in English, there are many images that come out nice, so it’s easier to match images.

With the “Purposes / Goals”, “5W2H” and “Sources of Ideas” in place, we are ready to start thinking about specific planning ideas.

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