• What is the job of an assistant producer? ?

What is the job of an assistant producer? ?


This is Assistant Producer, Hatta!

This time, I will explain the job contents of “Assistant Producer”. As flow after joining the company, many people will first be active as assistant producers.

What kind of work do you actually do?
pleasant? Something very difficult image … etc.

I think there are a lot of “?”, So I hope everyone who has read this BLOG will have an image after joining the company and it will be a little useful!

“Assistant Producer”

As the name suggests, in the case of GP, “Super” comes before the assistant!
The level and quality required are high accordingly.
I have to do my best …!
Then! Here are three important things to do in your job!

1) Sales, planning, production
First, we need to get clients.
If you don’t get “work”, it won’t start.
Get more customers and make fans!

Next is planing!
What do customers want for an event?
What kind of feeling do you hold?
What kind of production do you want?
We will make the shape that we thought through repeated hearings.

The real pleasure of event producers!

And production!
Get everything you need for the event.

We also cast celebrities and entertainers such as stage, video equipment, lighting equipment, etc.!

2) Proactive
It is a stance rather than a specific task.
Producers have a wide range of tasks.

It is our job to support the producer.
“This is finally here! ] → Incorrect answer ※ Let’s do it before being told

“I’ve done this! ] → Correct answer

To stay ahead … You need to understand more than anyone.

3) Cheerfully bright!
Basically … That’s important.
On the job site, greet everyone involved with a pleasant smile!
I’m glad if you say hello, right?
Thinking about the other person, Do what makes them happy!

It’s a lot of things you don’t know at first, but it’s hard work, but it’s the best job you can learn and grow!
Things that you imagine take shape, witness the excitement of your customers …
There are many fun things too! !

Become a full-fledged producer with a lot of experience and bring excitement to everyone around the world!