• What kind of staff is needed for company events?

What kind of staff is needed for company events?


“I want to hold an in-house event. What kind of staff do we need? ”

It is a popular question.

Certainly, the work of the staff is difficult to see from the perspective of the event participants. First of all, it is a part that should not be seen too much …

So, this time, I would like to talk about “staff and positions required for internal events”.
As a reference for more people, we will introduce a prize ceremony and kick-off event that rents a hall that can accommodate hundreds of people!

There are two types of event staff.

Management staff
Progress staff
There are two types.

The operation staff is responsible for reception and guidance, so to speak, in charge of the participants.
The staff you see at the event is almost the operation staff.
As the name implies, the progress staff is responsible for the progress of the event program.
Although it is not visible to customers, it supports the event as a subordinate.

“Administration staff” and “progress staff” have completely different locations and roles.
Let’s take a closer look!

[Operation staff]

As the name suggests, it is a reception.

They are the first staff members to meet with customers and their response will change the overall impression of the event.
Also, smoothness is a very important position because it directly affects progress.

Guidance (outside the venue, inside the venue, inside the main hall)
It is a section that guides participants so that they do not get lost.
Especially when there are many halls and rooms such as Big Sight, Makuhari Messe, and INTEX Osaka, and various events are held at the same time, it is essential to have a staff member who can immediately ask “where to go”.
In addition to guiding inside the venue, guiding to restrooms and sales spaces is also an important role.

VIP support
Depending on the event, “VIP” may be available.
VIPs are basically equipped with specialized staff, and provide smoother and more detailed responses than general participants.

General affairs
In addition to clerical work and telephone support, it is a place where other staff can work smoothly.
Having a general affair allows other staff members to focus on their positions.

[Progress staff]
Stage director

It is like a command tower that checks the progress of the event and issues instructions.
It is necessary to always keep track of information from various places and respond appropriately to ever-changing situations.

SL staff
The right side of the stage (left side as viewed from the speaker) is called “SL” in stage terms.
The staff who stands by on this good side and performs various responses as the program progresses.

Depending on the customs of the company, the award ceremony for employees is often presented by the presenter from a good side.

SR staff / MC
The direction opposite to the skillful direction, that is, the left side of the stage (the right side as viewed from the speaker) is called “SR”.

When the MC uses the podium, it is the bottom of the sleeve. The staff with MC puts a queue on MC.

Event production is a world that competes for seconds. It’s important to keep your staff where you need it.


The staff is responsible for directing sound, lighting, video, special effects, etc., which are indispensable for holding events.
In many cases, specialized professionals are in charge.

Performer management
Checking the arrival of the performers, guiding to the waiting room, explaining the progress, etc. are also important roles of the operation staff.

Winner Attend

At the awards ceremony, etc., a dedicated staff is required to guide the winners to the side of the stage and instruct the timing of their appearance.
The event is a sunny stage for the winners. A detailed response is required so as not to be confused.
What do you think?
You might feel, “I need more staff positions than I expected.”
This time, we took an example of an in-house event where the number of participants is easy to predict, but in the event of an unspecified number of customers such as an exhibition, the necessary staff will also change.
In that sense, the staff and positions needed for the event may be tailor-made.

Looking again like this
I really feel the word “event is life of teamwork”.
The lack of any staff will not make the event run smoothly.
Everyone works together and plays their part, and the accumulation leads to the success of the event.