• Zero Second Thinking ~ Action ~ Reading Impression vol.1

Zero Second Thinking ~ Action ~ Reading Impression vol.1


I am Yayoi Matsuno, who joined GP from April.
There is a bookshelf on the second floor of GP Office, and I will introduce the book that I chose.

1. “Zero Second Thinking-Action”
Zero second thinking. Somehow cool words.
I will tell you the contents of this book in one word.

“You, there, everything will go well if you make an immediate decision.”
To put it more simply, it is “You, there, do it right away”.

Immediate judgment and immediate decision.
So why does this routine work well?

・ You can hit first
・ Productivity goes up
・ Reliable from the surroundings
・ Subordinates get tangled and move quickly
・ Energize the entire organization

So how can you make an immediate decision immediately?

That is “to have a general view”.

As long as you have an “overall view”, you will be able to immediately determine and execute immediately when necessary.

To have the right holistic view is to see all the paths and processes of the work and issues you are working on and understand where they are important.
I know exactly what the problem is likely to be and how serious it is.
It shows how the path and process are divided as options and how it changes.
It is necessary to look over the whole in terms of space, time, not part, not one side.

And people who are good at having a holistic view are “confident people”.
Confidence creates room.
More specific skills include “hypothesis building”, “information gathering”, “observation”, and “insight”.

Have a holistic view. Hmm.
Speed ​​is the life of work. Two months have passed since I joined the company, but I feel I can make it in my daily work.
“I’ll do it right away” is quite difficult, but I think it’s important to make it a habit.
Immediately after that, you will feel comfortable with your time and mind in the future!

Mr. Matsunoshita is cool when a junior is made. I will do my best to make it seem!