We hold a big year end party for ZOZOTOWN management company!


Hello everyone.

This time, we will introduce the START TODAY inc. party of big year-end party held last month.


This is the company that operates Japan’s largest fashion shopping site “ZOZOTOWN” and the fashion coordination application “WEAR”,
Me, Sotomura, has been associated for a long time.

At the annual big-year party “START TODAY CAMP”, we decide the theme each year, and we do not only eating and drinking but also lots of content with laughter and tears.

In the seat, a seat next card with the name of each person written …
The feelings for the staff of Start Today will be transmitted.

The theme of this year is “ARIGATO”.

The meeting consists of two parts. The first part is a presenting competition of “Yusaku-Juku”, headed by President Maezawa.


The theme is “what I want to convey now.”


Talk passionately about your company or work, or show a cappella to express yourself you don’t usually show …
We have been drawn to the strength of that “thought” unintentionally.


Then, in the second part, we took a questionnaire in advance from all the staff, “Who is the staff you want to give the most thanks this year?”
Five people selected from among them wrote the feelings of “ARIGATO (Thank You)”, which can not usually be said normally, and read it to the other party on the stage.


Gratitude to seniors who are always indebted, and colleagues who have been working hard since joining the company …

The whole venue was warmly filled with “ARIGATO” from each heart.


And last but not least from the president to all staff!


Hula girls who appeared from nowhere …


“Well, employee trip to Hawaii” gift to all staff!


There was a great cheer from within the venue!

Such, laughing, tears, planning surprises with big surprises.
We also had a lot of fun!


And I wanted to really convey “ARIGATO” to all of the secretariat who can always convey “ARIGATO”!

And I am also “ARIGATO” to you!