Venue Features

Florante Miyazaki is a park centered around its buildings (atrium approximately 600 square meters, multipurpose hall approximately 200 square meters, cafeteria approximately 100 square meters, and more) and gardens (community plaza approximately 2,500 square meters, a showcase of different residential terraces for garden design proposals approximately 1,600 square meters). It is a park where volunteers maintain flower beds, transplant flowers, and where citizens are encouraged to visit casually to enjoy flowers and greenery in the community garden.

Main Banquet Specifications

Name of Banquet Hall

Community Plaza

The community plaza is a square facing the building (Dream Flower Hall) and can be used for various events such as Miyazaki Gourmet Trantan Night, Illumination Flower Garden, MICE excursions, and celebratory parties. Inside the building, there is also a multipurpose hall that can accommodate approximately 200 people, making it suitable for lectures and meetings.

  • Hall Size

    aprox. 1000㎡

  • Capacity

    aprox. 250~300 people

  • Address

    414-16, Hamayama, Yamasakicho, Miyazakishi, Miyazaki

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